Ongoing Support For Your LMS & Employees

With our monthly and annual support packages we will take care of maintaining your Open edX platform so you can focus on your teaching and learning. Do you also need assistance creating and managing your online course content in the Open edX Studio? We help top organisations create their Open edX online courses, creating a world-class experience for your instructors and learners.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you create online courses?

Your Open edX platform will have the standard features needed to upload your course content. We offer our clients free training on how to use those features. However, if you need us to create your courses for you, we will engage the relevant content experts and create your content as well as upload it to the Open edX platform for your use.

How long does it take?

It takes a number of weeks to develop course content depending on what content you require, and then about a week to upload it and configure it for use.

Do I retain my intellectual property rights?

Yes you retain your intellectual property rights.

What's next?

Once your courses are online and your learners are accessing the course content, then you can start downloading data reports and take action to improve your platform, courses and learning and teaching experience. 

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