In 2014 our company’s founder started planning the launch of a national education platform for the Republic of Indonesia based on the Open edX learning management system (LMS). By 2015 the plan attracted funding of US$1m from an Indonesian investor and on August 17th 2015 the platform was successfully launched as one of the world’s first Open edX platforms built for an entire country. The platform attracted the leading universities and companies from the private and public sector to offer free online courses. We even signed a MoU with the Open University of Indonesia!

2015 continued… 

CNN the wold renowned news agency features an article about IndonesiaX attracting 10,000+ learners in its first week.


With the great success of IndonesiaX, our founder established a modern office near the famous city of Cape Town, South Africa, which is a hotbed for Open edX research. The location for our office was chosen inside the famous Drostdy Centre on Bird Street right in the middle of the prestigious Stellenbosch University campus, which is South Africa’s 3rd highest ranking university according to Times Higher Education. This would be a great environment to launch our new office space and grow our company. 

2016 continued…

The talk on IndonesiaX attracts a full room of conference attendees and is uploaded to the official YouTube channel of edX. 


In 2017, Stellenbosch University hires us to manage the multimedia aspects of their annual sport history conference for three years. Stellenbosch University is South Africa’s 3rd highest ranked university according to Times Higher Education rankings.


Christies Care is a leading family-owned healthcare company from the UK with over 400+ employees serving in homes across the country. In collaboration with Christies Care we built an Open edX platform to facilitate the blended and online training of their workforce around the country. Christies Care are still with us.

Christies Theme


In 2019 Open edX launched an updated website and called for support from the Open edX community. We responded with a cash donation and are very pleased with the outcome of the website.

2019 continued…

With the help of San Diego-based television personality Sara Pilla we filmed live interviews at the Open edX Conference 2019 hosted by University of California San Diego in USA. You can get to know our founder and many of the edX and Open edX senior leadership teams in our conference video.


Norland is the world’s oldest and leading early years college. Together we developed online courses which were highly rated by their students. In fact, some learners who completed the free online babysitting course have already gone on to start a degree as formal students of the college.

Image of Norland Theme


We build an Open edX platform for one of the world’s biggest churches with 80 million members!

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