Data Analytics & Insights

The Open edX® platform provides a wealth of data that can be used to provide valuable insights and a deeper understanding at the platform level, the course level, and learner level. These insights can provide essential intelligence about your users and reveals actions you can take to improve your teaching and learning and/or business and marketing strategy. The data analytics and insights allows your platform administrators to have an informative view of vital performance metrics across the board. The insights are custom tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Benefits at a Glance

Readily Available Real-Time Metrics

No surprises; by regularly performing dependency updates we ensure your data analytics and insights are always just a click away for your platform administrators and shown in real time – yes, in real time!

A Built-in SQL Query Interface

Data you can touch; by typing simple queries into the SQL interface your admins can view any and all data available in the databases. 

Low Maintenance Cost

Bang for your buck; by building the data analytics and insights stack on top of the very best fully supported open source database technologies we’re able to offer our clients affordability at scale.

Customisable as Per Your Needs

Truly yours; ask us to create and add charts, graphs and data relationships from the options provided.

Tested and Verified for Large Scale Deployments

Sit in the sweet spot; traverse your data with the ability to pull billions of data points fast. The ClickHouse technology underpinning our data analytics and insights is the same that powers Uber, eBay and Spotify.


No peeping; with built-in security features and failsafe mechanisms, your data is protected against data corruption from bugs, human errors and unauthorised users.

A Built-in SQL Lab for Direct Data Access

There may be times when your data researchers want to grab unique data right on the spot. Our platform provides just the solution, in the form of a SQL Lab where your approved users can directly query the databases for the data you’re looking for. In the below video we provide a simple example of how the SQL Lab works. First you choose the SQL Lab dropdown menu and select the SQL Editor. Second you select the database and tables you want to query against. Third you enter your unique SQL query and click the run button to see your resulting data. In this example we queried the databases for the total number of active users. Fourth, you can then create a chart from the chart library or download your data in CSV format. Fifth, you can save this query by giving it a unique name and even adding comments, then feel free to rerun the saved query at any time in the future without having to redo the previous steps. You can also edit the saved query or delete it at your convenience.

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