Welcome to ABC Online Courses, a trusted Open edX® service provider registered in the United Kingdom (UK). Many of our clients were established over 100 years ago and trust us to host and manage their custom branded Open edX® platforms.

What is Open edX? The Open edX® learning management system (LMS) was developed in 2012 by MIT and Harvard University. It is now the world’s best open source LMS and is supported by the world’s largest open source education community. 

Meet our founder and members of the Open edX® senior leadership team in our video we filmed at the Open edX® Conference 2019 at University of California San Diego.

Our clients use the Open edX® software to power their online courses.

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Open edX® is the world’s best open source LMS!

Open edX® is the free and open source learner management system (LMS) originally developed for edX®, the world’s premier destination for online learning. The Open edX® LMS is managed independently from edX and the LMS is open to be used by anyone.

Open edX® is used by organisations of all sizes across the world to create and manage online courses. These include small startups, large national governments, as well as 9 out of 10 of the Times Higher Education top ranked universities globally!

They all use the Open edX® LMS to create and manage their own online teaching and learning, and with our help you can too!

Your organisation can also use the Open edX® LMS to manage its own online learning. Our company, ABC Online Courses are well-known Open edX® service providers and we can install, customise and host a custom-branded Open edX® platform for your organisation. Feel free to speak to one of our experts today to discover if Open edX® is the best LMS for you!

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Norland College (Est. 1892)

“ABC Online Courses provides professional Open edX hosting and customisation services to Norland. Together with ABC we have managed to create and launch our own online courses which have been highly rated by our students.” 

Julia G.

Head of Consultancy and Training, Norland (UK) 2020

Christies Theme

Christies Care (Est. 1987)

“We would recommend ABC to anyone considering using Open edX as an eLearning platform. The platform itself is very easy to use. ABC are so accommodating, the support is first class and they have been ahead of schedule throughout the project. We wish we would have found ABC sooner!”

Tim M.

Head of Recruitment, Christies Care (UK) 2019

Payne Theological Seminary (Est. 1894)  

“I can recommend ABC for the great job they have done with our Open edX platform.”

Warren W.

Director of Information Systems, Payne Theological Seminary (USA) 2018

Meet the ChatGPT XBlock for the Open edX® LMS

Hi, I’m Dean from ABC Online Courses. We are always striving to enhance the learning experience for our clients using the Open edX® platform. That's why we are excited to announce our newest development: the Open edX® XBlock that runs ChatGPT inside your online...

UNESCO Open Learning Upgrades to Olive

UNESCO Open Learning has upgraded to the latest (15th) community edition of the Open edX® platform, named Olive, which replaces the Nutmeg version released 6 months prior. In this article we review three of the most important improvements to the Open Learning platform...

The Number #1 Business School in Odisha, India Chooses ABC Online Courses

In January 2021 the Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB) contacted ABC Online Courses via the Open edX® website referral form to enquire about our Open edX® services and we are proud to be chosen as their Open edX® service partner. XIMB is the number #1...

What is Open edX and How Does Open edX Work?

What is Open edX?  Open edX is the world's best open source e-learning software created in 2012 by scientists at MIT and Harvard University including Piotr Mitros and Anant Agarwal. Some people call it a learning management system (LMS) but that is just one of the...

The Methodist Church Chooses ABC Online Courses as Open edX Service Provider

In 2020 the Methodist Church made the decision to upgrade their open source learning management system (LMS) from Moodle to Open edX. We at ABC Online Courses are proud to be chosen as the Open edX service partner to the Methodist Church to manage this upgrade. The...

UNESCO Launches Open Learning Built on the Open edX Platform

In 2020 UNESCO launched Open Learning, the latest major Open edX platform to be built by a world-leading organisation. By using the Open edX platform UNESCO joins a long list of the world's leading organisations who already host online training courses at scale using...

World’s Number #1 EYD College Chooses ABC Online Courses as Open edX Service Provider

For over 100 years Norland has been educating the child carers of the most famous royal households on earth. In 2020, Norland chose ABC Online Courses as their Open edX service provider. Founded in 1892 by Emily Ward in London (UK), Norland now trains the world's most...

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