LMS for employee training

We empower businesses by installing user-friendly training software that employees want to use. The Open edX® LMS provides intuitive navigation through training materials, allowing employees to get started learning right away with no learning curve. It makes training accessible, real, repeatable, and measurable for reporting purposes.

From bulk enrolment features to high-level progress tracking and data downloads, automated grading and anonymous peer-learning, the Open edX® LMS is packed full of advanced features to make training meaningful for employees, easy for trainers, and a good investment for employers.


Christies Care (UK)

Christies Care is one of the UK’s largest providers of live-in care with 400+ carers across the nation. They have been using our services since February 2019 and they are recent recipients of the Princess Royal training award. Find out more about how they empower their carers with the best blended in-person and online training with ABC Online Courses and Open edX®.

Shopware (Germany)

Shopware provide digital technical training  modules to factory workers across the globe. We helped them to customise their Open edX® platform to allow for automated progress tracking across their client’s workfloors in 17 countries. With Shopware, employees are empowered to use simple and effective information technology to improve performance.

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