The Open edX Software Architecture

Open edX is a world-class LMS with many different web applications working together to provide the famous learning experience.

We can install Open edX for you using a trusted cloud provider such as Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) or we can install it on-premise for you on your own internal servers. Most importantly the production configuration must be done. Take it a step further with your own custom domain name, SSL security certificate, whitelisted email routing and hardening of the servers for improved uptime.

Open edX Installation Image

About Installation

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How does installation work?

We first provision a supported operating system (OS) then we install the software on that OS.

How long does it take?

Installing the Open edX software takes approximately one (1) hour, then there are numerous other time consuming tasks to perform which can take days, weeks or months depending on your unique requirements.

Can I choose my own domain name?

Yes. You can use your current domain name or choose from any available domain name worldwide.

What's next?

Once your Open edX is installed, we need to theme it. This means designing the look and feel to match your current brand guidelines. We will add your logo, colours, font, and more!

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