Customise Open edX.

Open edX is highly customisable and we know how to do it! 

In one instance, we automated grade report generation for near real-time data reporting of factory worker training. In another instance we added facial recognition and GPS. What customisation do you need? Let us know and we’ll explore your options with you!

Image of Open edX Customisation


Frequently Asked Questions

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What programming language does Open edX use?

There are many underlying technologies including Ubuntu, Python, Django, Docker and React. There are over 20 languages or technologies used. We have experts in all of those technologies.

How long does it take?

It usually takes several weeks, typically 4-8 weeks depending on your unique requirements.

Is it costly?

You need to pay for the web development time and this can be relatively costly if its a large project.

What's next?

Once your Open edX platform is ready, you can start creating and managing your online courses. Each year a new Open edX version is released which you can upgrade to. 

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