Open edX® Tutorial: How to enrol learners in the Open edX® Instructor Dashboard

The Open edX learning management system (LMS) comes with an Instructor Dashboard to manage your learners in the Open edX platform. In this tutorial you will learn how to enrol learners in the Open edX Instructor Dashboard.

Note: If you already know how to access the Instructor Dashboard you can go directly to Step 3 below.

Step 1: Login to your Open edX LMS and go to any course.

If you don’t know how to access your Open edX LMS then ask your Open edX service provider for the link. If you don’t have an Open edX service provider, you can use this form to contact our team. Go ahead and login to your LMS, which will take you to your learner Dashboard where you will find all your courses. Go ahead and click on the course you want to enter.

Image: Screenshot of your learner/course Dashboard after logging in to the LMS.

open edx tutorial instructor dashboard login


Step 2: Click the Instructor tab.

Inside the course you will find the Instructor Dashboard for that course. So, where can you find it? It’s easy, just look for the tab named Instructor. This Instructor Dashboard tab can be found next to the other common course tabs, including Course, Discussion, Wiki, and Progress. The tab for accessing the Instructor Dashboard can be seen in the below image in blue. It is always the furthermost tab to the right hand side of all the tabs.

Image: Screenshot of the Instructor Dashboard tab highlighted and selected.

open edx instructor dashboard tutorials


Step 3: Click the Membership tab.

Go ahead and click the second tab on the left named Membership, as shown in the below image. That will open up the Membership page in the Instructor Dashboard.

Image: Screenshot of the Membership tab underlined in blue colour.

open edx tutorial instructor dashboard enrol learners


Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to enrol your learners

Now that you are seeing the Membership page in the Instructor Dashboard, you will see a large input field near the top of the page named Batch Enrolment. Go ahead and enter email addresses and/or usernames separated by new lines or commas.

Note: It is important to understand that learners must have already registered and confirmed an account on your Open edX® platform BEFORE they can access the courses. If they have NOT yet enrolled, they will be prompted to do so by system email when you enrol them. You will NOT get notifications for emails that bounce, so please double-check spelling.

Image: Screenshot of the Membership tab showing you where to copy/paste the learners email addresses.

open edx tutorial instructor dashboard enrol learners input field


Step 5: Check the Appropriate Boxes and Click Enrol or Un-enrol

You need to choose the role of the user being added as Learner. You can also choose whether the user will be auto-enrolled into the course and if they will be notified by email. Go ahead and choose the options you like then click the Enrol button, or alternatively click the Un-enrol button if you are un-enrolling those users.

Note: It is important to understand that you also un-enrol learners in this area. So do not make a mistake and click the wrong button.

Image: Screenshot of the Membership tab showing you the Enrol and Un-enrol buttons.

open edx tutorial instructor dashboard enrol learners button


When you click the Enrol button that user should be able to see the course in their Learner Dashboard when they login to your Open edX LMS. If you un-enrol a user then the course will disappear from their Learner Dashboard.

That’s how easy it is to enrol or un-enrol learners into your Open edX® courses!

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