Open edX® Tutorial: How to add text to your course.

In our previous tutorial about How to Add Course Sections and Subsections you added your first Section and Subsection to your course. With those in place, you can start adding Units under the Subsections and add your real course content into those Units. Units can have one more multimedia components such as text, images, PDFs, videos, tests and more. In this tutorial you will learn how to add your first Unit into the course then add a text component inside that Unit.

Note: If you already know how to navigate to the course Outline page, you can go directly to Step 2 below. 

Step 1: Navigate to the course Outline from inside Studio.

In order to access the course Outline page, you first need to sign into Studio. From the Studio Home where all your courses are listed, click the course name of the course you want to enter. In the below image the course name is indicated as “Demonstration Course”, just click that to go inside the course to the course Outline.

Image: A screenshot of the Open edX Studio Home page.

Open edX Studio Home


When you click the course name, you will immediately be taken to the course Outline, as shown in the below image.

Image: A screenshot of the course Outline in Studio with the Section and Subsection you added in our previous tutorial How to Add Course Sections and Subsections.

open edx studio tutorial add text unit


Step 2: From the course Outline, click the + New Unit button

When you click the blue + New Unit button the system will automatically generate a new Unit for you. Go ahead and click it and the Unit will open up in a new page making it easier for you to develop that Unit.

Image: A screenshot of the new Unit created by the system.

open edx tutorial add new unit


Step 3: From the new Unit, click the green HTML button to add your text component.

When you click the HTML button, a pop-up will show you more options. Choose the first option named Text as per the below image.

Image: A screenshot of the text component option.

open edx tutorial text unit


Image: A screenshot of the new text component added by the system after you clicked the text option.

open edx studio tutorial new text unit

Step 4: Click the EDIT button to add your custom text.

When you click the EDIT button, a text editor will pop up allowing you to add any text you like. You can also use the styling options in the text editor to customise your text. 

Image: A screenshot of the text editor will all the styling options visible.

open edx studio tutorial add text


Step 5: Click Save when you are done adding your text.

When you click Save the unit will be updated in your course outline as per the below image.

Image: Your new text component saved to the course Outline.

open edx studio tutorial save text component

Note: You can add one or more multimedia components into each Unit. Feel free to add as many components as you like.

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