Open edX® Tutorial: How to add course sections and subsections.

When you build courses in Open edX Studio, you create your course Outline by adding Sections to the course. Sections are given a title. These titles can be anything you like, for example Section 1, or Week 1, it’s really up to you.

By default, when you create a new course, there are no Sections yet. Let’s add our first Section to the course to get started.

Note: If you already know how to navigate to the course Outline page, you can go directly to Step 2 below. 

Step 1: Navigate to the course Outline from inside Studio.

In order to access the Advanced Settings page, you first need to sign into Studio. From the Studio Home where all your courses are listed, click the course name of the course you want to enter. In the below image the course name is indicated as “Demonstration Course”, just click that to go inside the course to the course Outline.

Image: A screenshot of the Open edX Studio Home page.

Open edX Studio Home


When you click the course name, you will immediately be taken to the course Outline, as shown in the below image.

Image: A screenshot of the course Outline in Studio. 

Image of Open edX course outline


Step 2: From the course Outline, click the green + New Section button

When you click the green + New Section button the system will automatically generate a new Section for you. Go ahead and click it. A new Section should generate shown in the following image.

Note: Your new Section has some options such as a + New Subsection button, and other options as indicated by the gear icon to change release date and student visibility, the copy icon to copy your Section, and a trash bin icon to delete your Section. Feel free to explore those buttons but it’s not part of this tutorial.

Image: A screenshot of the new Section created by the system.

Open edX Studio Add New Sections


Step 3: Name the Section anything you like.

By default the Section is named ‘Section’. Go ahead and rename it by typing into the input field. For this example we’ll name is Section 1. Click the edit icon that looks like a pencil, as shown in the below image.

Image: A screenshot of the edit icon in blue.

Open edX Tutorial Edit Icon


Image: A screenshot of the new Section renamed to Section 1.

Open edX Tutorial New Section

Step 4: Add a Subsection inside your newly created Section 1.

Sections are just simple titles that help you to modularise and organise your course. Within Sections you further modularise your course by adding Subsections. On the same page, in the newly created section, go ahead and click the + New Subsection button. As with Sections, the system will automatically generate your new Subsection. You can go ahead and name it anything you like, but for this tutorial we will use Subsection 1.1 as its new title. 

Image: A screenshot of the newly created Subsection.

Open edX Tutorial add subsection


As you can see, adding Sections and Subsections to your course is easy. You can add as many or as few as you like. Now that you know how to create Sections and Subsection, you can modularise or organise your course how you like. You can even drag and drop your sections to reorder them by clicking and holding the following highlighted icon:

Image: Screenshot of the Drag to reorder button available within each Section and Subsection.

Open edX tutorial reorder sections

Note: In order to start adding your actual course content, you need create Units inside Subsections. Within the Units you will be able to add different multimedia like text, images, videos, texts, etc. into those Units. This is a broad topic and is covered by other tutorials.

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