On August 17th 2015 our company’s founder launched IndonesiaX, one of the world’s first national education platforms powered by the Open edX platform. It was launched on August 17th 2015 to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia’s independence day.

The IndonesiaX platform offers free online courses from the leading public and private universities and companies, including University of Indonesia, NET TV, the Indonesia Stock Exchange, and many more excellent learning partners from around the world including edX and HarvardX from Harvard University. When the platform was launched it was featured by major local media organisations, including the famous news agency CNN.

Image: A screenshot of the IndonesiaX homepage


How many learners does IndonesiaX have?

The IndonesiaX platform grew rapidly in its first week with over 10,000 learners registering an account. In its first year over 200,000 learners registered an account, making it the largest open learning platform in Indonesia and the first major Open edX platform in South East Asia. 

Who is offering courses on IndonesiaX?

Top public universities across Indonesia all offer free online courses on IndonesiaX. There are also major private and public companies offering free online courses. New partners are added regularly, with major banks like BNI and Maybank joining IndonesiaX to offer free online courses to the public. In a major move, the Open University of Indonesia also joined by offering a free online course on Public Speaking. The partners include, but are not limited to:

• University of Indonesia
• Institute Technology Bandung
• University Airlangga
• Open University of Indonesia
• Indonesia Stock Exchange
• Maybank

Image: A photo of the IndonesiaX Advisory Council signing an MoU with Universitas Terbuka (Open University of Indonesia)


You can view the article here in Bahasa Indonesia or read the Google translation below:

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Indonesia has a new learning website for online courses that will be filled with content from a number of experts, providing their material. The site is named IndonesiaX which was launched on 17 August 2015, right when Indonesia was 70 years old. IndonesiaX is a massive open online course (MOOC) site from the best universities or institutions. The viewers of this site can enjoy the material for free, anywhere and anytime while connected to the Internet. A week after its launch, the site which is located at http://www.indonesiax.co.id has 10,000 course registrants and visitors from 351 cities and 65 countries.

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