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In 2021 XIM University contacted ABC Online Courses to develop a custom LMS based on the Open edX® platform. With over 1,000+ regular students, the university has begun a process of total digitalisation. The XIM Business School (XIMB) is the number #1 business school in Odisha, India. We have very much enjoyed working with XIM University’s staff on this important project.


Financial Forecasting

As we are expecting a long term relationship with our customers, it’s important to help them estimate the costs of running their Open edX® platform. With a lot of experience in Open edX® projects at different scales, we are able provide accurate costing of all services related to the project. This helps our customers to prepare their budgets in advance of the upcoming financial years. For XIM University we worked closely to prepare the financial forecast in order to strengthen the working relationship and make it highly predictable and sustainable.


Intermittent Change Requests

As the university is undergoing rapid development, they needed assurance that ABC would be available to make changes to the LMS at intermittent intervals. In order to facilitate this, XIM opted for one of our support packages whereby our technical team are available to XIM to discuss technical change requests to the LMS. Once XIM request a change to the LMS, the team at ABC prepares a change request document (CR document) within 24 hours, which lists the work to be performed. This includes a timeline, estimated work hours, and pricing per hour. Both parties take the time to review the CR document and suggest any edits, all of which are noted down in a document revision history section. When the client is happy to proceed, they approve the CR document and ABC begins the work and delivers it on time.



Private and Secure Video Hosting

One of the great custom features of the Open edX® platform is the ability to upload videos directly into the Studio. This is a huge plus from the instructor’s point of view. Since XIM University will be training over 150 instructors to use the Open edX® platform, it was vital to develop the custom video upload module. It took us 26 work hours to implement and was well received by XIM.



Online Staff Graded Assignments

At XIM, students frequently submit assignments in Excel and other formats such as PDF or Word documents. As the standard Open edX® installation does not include such a feature, we had to develop the custom Staff Graded Assignment (SGA). With the SGA implemented, students are invited by their instructors to upload files into the course which encapsulate their work on the assignment. Instructors are then able to download the files directly from the Open edX® LMS and enter grades for the assignment. Not only can they enter grades, but they can also enter a comment. The grades and comments are then made visible to the learner as feedback, as well as a copy of their original submission. The instructor has an additional benefit of being able to upload an annotated file for the learner, just as you would expect to find in a traditional classroom. With the Open edX® SGA, it closes the gap between the online and traditional learning experience and adds much value to both learners and instructors.


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open edx sga

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